Web scraping. This is a term we don’t often hear. What does it mean? Who uses web scraping software? How do they use the information they gather? What companies offer a service to simplify the process? The purpose of this site is to provide data scraping resources and information, so that you know how web data extraction can benefit your business in ways you never could have imagined.

What Is Data/Web Scraping?

The best way to think about data scraping and data extraction is this: Instead of a human being searching the web, a software program crawls the web, and extracts information that is beneficial to the searcher. This process can be manual, or automatic, and many different types of data and content can be gathered.

How Does Web Scraping Work?

Web scraping takes many different forms. Humans can visit websites multiple times, and find information to extract. This information is then copied into a spreadsheet for further use. Additionally, programmers can write scripts which will replace the human copy-and-paste method, which is much more time-consuming and error prone. One of the best web data extraction methods is by utilizing software, which has the tools and capabilities of gathering hard-to-reach information and extracting it in a useable format. An example of such software would be Connotate data aggregation software, which is used by many businesses in many industries.

How Businesses Use Web Scrapers

Businesses can use the information gathered using web scraping tools in many different ways. News aggregators use web scrapers to aggregate content and look for updates on websites. Businesses in the financial industry can use web scraping to look for market information for forecasting. Retail stores can learn about current trends in the industry in order to stay up-to-date and bring products to market that will benefit their customers. The information gathered from web scraping software can provide much-needed analytics, forecasting, and other useful data for businesses.